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Solid wood floor coverings can affect indoor air quality

A new report by Australian flooring company Malfi looks at how floor coverings can impact the air quality inside a building.

Most of the focus on air pollution is on the outside environment, with the Daily Telegraph reporting that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has recently issued a high air pollution alert for the city. Residents can do little about external air pollution, but can control the air quality of their home environment.

Increasingly adults and children are spending more time indoors. Many homes contain chemicals that can vaporise in the air, and they can be harmful for people that are allergic to them if breathed in. This can cause symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, and headaches. Many asthma sufferers are also affected by chemicals found in airborne vapour.

If it suspected that airborne pollutants are causing health problems, then the home should be cleared of chemicals. This starts with the floor. Malfi suggests using solid wood non-smoked flooring that is preservative free. The timber can be treated with natural oils which can penetrate the wood to provide a hardwearing floor covering that should last a long time.

Solid wood floors are also easy to keep clean and pollutant free, In Australia, Malfi natural timber flooring is endorsed by the National Asthma Council, because it can improve indoor air quality.

Although most homes in Britain are not a health hazard, locals suffering from chemical allergies or asthma should consider installing natural wood flooring in their Liverpool homes.

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