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Solid floors could save students’ accommodation deposits

The University of Liverpool recently announced that students in its accommodation halls lost £40,000 in deposits because they left their accommodation in a damaged condition.

As with most rented property, students have to pay a deposit when moving into student accommodation owned by the University. If there is damage when they leave, some or all of the deposit may be forfeited.

While it is impossible to prevent all damage, the type of flooring used can prevent some damage.

Many rented properties have high footfalls, particularly in student accommodation where regular social gatherings take place. Landlords need to provide flooring that is hardwearing and easy to clean.

Landlords News recently published an article on its website about the best floor coverings for rented accommodation, stating that many landlords install cheap carpets and this is a mistake. Carpets have to be regularly replaced because of stains and wear. They can also hold bacteria and become a health hazard.

Longer-lasting floor coverings are more expensive than cheap carpets, but the investment is worth it, and Landlord News recommends hardwood flooring due to its damage resistance.

Hardwood flooring needs a lacquered or oiled finish to provide a protective layer, and should last at least 50 years.

Laminate is cheaper but can look similar to wooden flooring, plus it’s easy to replace if sections become damaged.

The Landlord News advice is good for any room that has high footfall. If more student properties were to be fitted with hardwood flooring, Liverpool students might be among those able to prevent floor damage and have their deposit returned in full.

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