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Sledgehammers used to test floor safety

Builders of a new glass bottom bridge in China have used volunteers with sledgehammers to try and break the floor of the bridge.

Last year, a Chinese bridge with a glass floor was closed when it was discovered that a glass floor panel had shattered.

To allay public fears about crossing a similar glass floored bridge across Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, a team of volunteers was asked to try and shatter the reinforced glass floor of the bridge with large sledgehammers. The volunteers managed to crack the glass but not break it. To prove that the bridge was still solid despite the cosmetic damage, a Volvo SUV was then safely driven across it.

This dramatic stunt highlighted the importance of floor safety. While there may not be a high demand for toughened glass floors in Britain, commercial floors need to be safe. In the United States, pressure groups concerned with the high number of injuries caused by slip falls want new consumer regulations that would mandate manufacturers to include slip resistance ratings on their floor products. This has been opposed by the US flooring industry, which says that labelling “can lead to a false sense of security” and argues by through the act of simply walking on flooring, its slip resistance becomes self-evident.

In factories and care facilities, floor safety is a priority. For local companies in these sectors wishing to install non-slip flooring in their Cheshire buildings, there are many safety-minded floor covering options to choose.

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