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Six reasons to install engineered flooring in North Wales

Engineered wood has several layers. On the top is a real wood veneer, which provides the look of genuine wood. Underneath this is a layer usually made from GDF core or multi-ply. The bottom layer is normally solid wood. This construction makes engineered flooring into a strong and stable material suitable for most rooms.

There are many reasons to install engineered flooring in North Wales homes and businesses, and here are six of the main benefits.

1. Water resistant

Engineered flooring is water resistant and stands up to water better than solid wood flooring. This makes it ideal for rooms with outside exits where people tread mud and moisture in from outside. North Wales is not known for its dry climate, so lots of moisture can be trodden in from people entering a building.

Remember that water resistant is not the same as waterproof. Engineered flooring is not suitable for bathrooms, where a lot of water is expected.

If people coming in from outside drip water from their coats and shoes, it should be wiped off and not left for hours to soak into the wood.

North Wales has a number of flood areas, and should the worst happen, there is a better chance of saving engineered flooring compared to solid wood floors as long as the water is drained off quickly and the area dried thoroughly.

Engineered flooring is a better choice than hardwood for kitchens, where some moisture is to be expected.

2. Durability

Engineered wood lasts a long time. The layers in the flooring are stable and hard wearing. Engineered flooring should last from 20 to 100 years depending on the thickness of the top layer and how many people walk across the floor. Naturally, better quality engineered flooring should last longer.

3. Cost-effective

Engineered wood is more expensive than some sold wood flooring, but less expensive than other hardwoods such as maple. As engineered flooring is quicker to install, the cost of the engineered floor plus installation could work out cheaper.

You can save money by using cheap laminate or vinyl, but you will not get the benefits of the natural wood layer.

4. Easy installation

The tongue and groove system of engineered flooring makes it easy and quick to install. This saves both time and money when using a professional installer.

5. Easy maintenance

Engineered wood is easy to maintain. A vacuum or soft bristle brush removes dust and a slightly damp mop can clean it. Some spills, such as red wine, could stain the wood, but this will not happen if they are quickly cleaned off.

Thicker veneer engineered wood can be sanded and refinished to make shabby floors look like new again.

6. Wide choice

Lastly, there is a large selection of engineered wood to choose from. Whether you want dark, light wood, or something in between, there is sure to be an engineered wood floor for you.

Engineered flooring in North Wales rooms is a good choice if you want flooring that is both good looking and practical.

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