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Six reasons for carpet cleaning in North Wales homes and businesses

There are many reasons why it is important to have carpets regularly professionally cleaned, and here are six of the biggest reasons for carpet cleaning in North Wales:

1. North Wales does not have a dry climate

As anyone living in North Wales will know, it rains a lot! On wet days, dirt and mud cling to shoes and are trodden into carpets when people come into rooms from outside. Regular vacuuming is important and will remove some of the dirt, but will not eliminate ingrained matter. This is why it is important to use a professional carpet cleaning company who have the equipment and skills to remove all stubborn dirt.

2. Keeps them looking fresh and new

As dirt and dust build up in a carpet, the fibres become matted resulting in the carpet looking worn and old. The fibres of deep-pile carpets will bend over, making the carpet appear shabby. The carpet may look like it needs throwing away, but carpet cleaning can restore its looks and make it last longer. With regular cleaning, a good carpet in the home should last around ten years, and carpets in commercial areas may need replacing more frequently.

3. Improves air quality and bacteria

Dirt in carpets can affect the quality of the air in a room. Awareness of allergies is growing, and sufferers can experience distressing symptoms caused by airborne particles in unclean air.

Bacteria in a carpet can be a health danger, particularly to young children and frail elderly people. Dropped crumbs and small food particles may not be noticed, but could rot and become toxic.

4. Eliminates odour

A dirty carpet can smell, making the room feel musty and unpleasant. Diffusers, sprays and scented candles may mask the odour, but do not eliminate it. Professional carpet cleaners have equipment that removes dirt that has penetrated deep down, leaving the carpet odour free, clean and refreshed.

If a carpet is over wetted when cleaning, it could smell worse afterwards. This is why it is important to use a professional carpet cleaner who will use the correct amount of liquid when cleaning the carpet.

5. Blasts those bugs!

Many bugs are so small, they are not easily spotted, so you may be unaware that you have a bug problem. Fleas can jump from pets to find a home in carpets. In bedrooms, bedbugs may be living in the carpet. Many small bugs can bite humans leaving them with itchy sore lumps, but carpet cleaning will remove them.

6. Worker morale

In offices and workplaces, a dirty shabby carpet affects the feelgood factor among workers. A pleasant environment helps motivate workers, and people prefer to work in clean bright rooms.

Not every employer is aware of how the working environment affects morale. Interior decoration and carpet design are important, as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Keep it regular

Carpet cleaning in North Wales homes should be done by professionals about once a year. A workplace carpet that has heavy footfall should be cleaned more often.

Carpets are a great choice of floor covering, but they need to be looked after, and regular carpet cleaning is an essential part of this.

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