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Six questions to ask about engineered flooring in Wirral

If you are considering installing engineered flooring in your Wirral home or place of business, there are six questions to ask yourself before deciding:

1. Is engineered flooring expensive?

Engineered flooring can work out more expensive to buy and install than laminate, vinyl or carpet flooring, but if you want the look of natural wood, it is usually cheaper than solid wood flooring.

When considering the cost, you need to look at the lifetime value of engineered flooring, Cheap floor coverings will often need replacing after a few years, long before engineered wood flooring has worn out.

Engineered flooring can be sanded to extend its life. An engineered wood floor in good condition can add value to a Wirral home and make it more attractive so that it is easier to sell.

2. How different does engineered wood look compared to real wood?

Engineered wood has a top layer of real wood, so you cannot tell it apart from solid wood. It is available in a variety of wood types and shades to suit the room decor.

3. Is engineered wood water resistant?

Water resistance is an issue in the Wirral as there is high annual rainfall. No wood likes to be immersed for prolonged periods in water, so engineered wood may not survive a flood. It is, however, more water resistant than solid wood and should not warp when wet.

The most humid room in a house is the bathroom. Engineered wood can be used on bathrooms, and while it is not fully waterproof, it will withstand pools of water for short periods.

It is recommended that if water is spilt on engineered wood floors, it is wiped up promptly.

4. Can I install engineered wood in rooms with underfloor heating?

Engineered wood is better for use on underfloor heated rooms than solid wood, which can warp if it reaches a high temperature.

5. Can engineered wood be sanded?

If an engineered wood floor looks worn or scratched, it can be sanded. The top layer of the engineered wood is thinner than solid wood so it cannot be sanded as many times as solid hardwood.

6. Is engineered wood environmentally friendly?

Many Wirral residents are concerned about global warming and carbon emissions. It’s therefore good to know that engineered wood is a sustainable flooring option.

Engineered wood has a thin veneer layer of hardwood on top of renewable plywood or pine. All wood used should be from sustainable forests, where every tree felled is replaced by one or more young trees,.

At the end of an engineered wood floor’s life, the wood can be recycled and used in new products.

Engineered wood is fine for use with underfloor heating systems, which can save energy and be powered by solar panels.

There are many reasons to choose engineered wood, but it’s an especially good choice if you want a value-for-money floor that is long lasting, looks great, is water resistant and is environmentally friendly.

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