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Sidewalk Labs designs future city buildings made from timber

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is developing ideas for urban development.

The organisation sees the future city as being constructed from timber. Its major project is a development site in Toronto’s waterfront area. The 12 acre site is being used as a testbed for the design of a future city.

Sidewalk Lab has designed the buildings to be constructed from renewable resources such as local Canadian timber. The houses in the project are designed to use renewable materials whilst being affordable. The houses mainly use engineered wood for building materials because it is stronger than natural wood. Engineered wood floors can be used with energy saving underfloor heating systems, making them ideal for the project.

The public outdoor spaces in the Toronto project have concrete walkways that are heated to melt the winter snow. Community spaces that include libraries, playgrounds, cafes, and shops, have transparent moveable facades that protect them from both the cold winters and warm, humid summers. Sidewalk says that it is:

“Exploring ideas for improving urban life that could become components of Sidewalk Toronto.”

Engineered wood is a popular floor covering in Canada but is also available in the UK. Your home may not be part of a “future city”, but engineered flooring in your Cheshire home is a long lasting floor covering that will last for many years in the future. Engineered wood looks like solid wood but is generally cheaper.

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