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Should you install high gloss or matt floors?

High gloss floors used to be found in most hospitals, schools and offices. Seeing your face reflected in a shiny floor impresses visitors to hotels and business reception areas, with some businesses believing that a shiny floor creates a positive image of their company.

Polished floors are now seen as less attractive by some people. This is partly because matt finishes are favoured by many interior designers, but it is also for health and safety reasons. A highly-polished floor can also be a slippier floor and businesses may fear a compensation claim if a customer slips and is injured.

Not all businesses have turned their back on shiny floors though. Non slip flooring is available that looks shiny and presents no injury risk. Many businesses still like the appearance of shiny floors, especially those made from natural hardwood. Shiny floors are harder to maintain as they need cleaning and polishing every day, which is why business tend to use them for the reception and other public areas, with more practical flooring being used for offices and workplaces.

According to Cassio Murillo of cleaning machine manufacturer, Karcher:

“A high-gloss look requires a more stringent maintenance programme because otherwise, the surface will wear out fast. High-gloss floors are associated with cleanliness and in the case of hospitals, they offer higher levels of hygiene because the super-smooth surface provides nowhere for bacteria and germs to hide and grow.”

Either gloss or matt flooring is suitable for Wirral business premises.

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