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Selecting contract flooring for commercial spaces in Liverpool

If you’re looking to install new contract flooring in a commercial space, here are some tips to help inform your decision:

Your first concern will be the safety of your workers and patrons, so decide whether nonslip flooring will be needed. For example, there are well over a hundred nursing homes in the Liverpool area, and safety is an overriding concern for older residents. Falls among the elderly are more likely to lead to fractures and involve a longer recovery time, and nonslip vinyl flooring can help prevent many of these accidents. The Health and Safety Executive also requires that any floor that is subject to frequent contamination should still allow people to walk over it without risk of slipping.

Like much of the UK, the service industries dominate Liverpool’s economy, with 60% of jobs coming from the public administration, health, education, finance, banking and insurance sectors. In these working environments, the choice of contact flooring can affect your branding and the productivity of employees.

For example, rustic wood flooring is often preferred by startups, and it’s certainly durable, but the noise may be a little too distracting in a busy office environment. Vinyl is a good low-noise option, but tears and cuts can result from sharp objects being dropped and heavy furniture being yanked back and forth, especially in the case of cheaper floors. Carpet also involves less noise, but regular cleaning is recommended to keep it pristine.

Finally, don’t be tempted cut corners and opt for a cheaper solution that will leave you with maintenance problems down the line.

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