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Sarah Beeny claims carpets better than wood for house sales

Property expert Sarah Beeny was recently quoted saying wood floors should be ditched for carpets if people want to sell their home.

In a recent article on website, Beeny gave her top tips on selling your home. When selling a house, the owner will want to make it look smart and stylish. One feature that influences buyers are the floors. However, not all property experts agree.

Beeny’s main tip was to invest in new carpets as she believes that people buying a new home prefer carpets rather than wood or laminate floors. She claims that the trend for wooden floors is on the wane and commented:

“discerning buyers are now after carpets.”

Sarah Beeny also stressed the need to make your floors and the rest of the home look good for those all-important sales photographs of your home.

Another expert, Joel Dear quoted on Right Move, believes that installing new wood flooring will makes a house more saleable. He says:

“Real wood flooring really does help to sell the product, and people will happily pay a little more for the effect it has.”

Elizabeth Eintraun, writing on the website The Balance, also supports wooden floors, but. if you do install new carpets, she recommends ones with neutral colours.

If you do not want or cannot afford to go to the expense of new carpets, then professional carpet cleaners can make your carpets look better.

Whether you have wood flooring in your Liverpool or North Wales home, or carpets, when selling your home, all the experts agrees that that flooring is a huge influence.

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