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Rubber floors make life easier for surgeons

Nora Flooring Systems has been installing rubber floors in operating theatres to make life easier for surgeons and others working long hours operating on patients.

Operating theatres are high-stress environments where hospital staff work standing up for long hours. This creates muscle tensions and can adversely affect the vertebrae joints and spinal discs. To minimise injuries, a number of hospitals have installed ergonomically designed workspaces.

Hard surfaces wear out the human body quicker than softer ones. Soft carpets could help, but they are impractical for healthcare premises due to hygiene issues. Nora rubber flooring provides elasticity that enables surgeons and other staff to be able to work for long hours and reduces the burden on the joints and back. They are also hygienic, easy to clean and simple to maintain. Any substances spilled on the floors are easily removed, and rubber floors can be treated with disinfectant after an operation.

A number of German hospitals have already installed rubber floors. Surgeons at these hospitals have provided positive feedback on them, finding them gentle and comfortable.

Rubber floors do not need to be coated, unlike other floor coverings that require operating theatres to be closed periodically while coating is reapplied.

There are many work areas where workers spend many hours standing. When installing new solid flooring in a Chester business, consider the health and well-being of the staff. Doing so can mean less time off work from staff injuries due to the stress of standing on hard floors, thus more productivity in the workplace.

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