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Royals endorse DIY on TV

Prince William and Prince Harry recently got involved in a BBC DIY programme by rolling up their sleeves and pitching in with a special cause.

It’s possible that their contribution to DIY SOS, which is presented by TV personality Nick Knowles, could help inspire people to get off their sofas and tackle some of the small jobs around the house

The princes had a good time getting stuck in with various odd jobs, and showed that DIY can be fun for anyone. When in conversation with an electrician called Billy Byrne, Prince Harry remarked:

“If you’re going to call me sausage, it’s going to be a very long day.”

The work done by the princes was for a cause dear to their hearts. They participated in a project which aimed to deliver housing for people in Manchester who have served in the forces. A number of ex-military can become homeless after they leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, but this scheme looks to tackle the problem by using a formerly derelict street to provide shelter to them.

The princes did not stand on ceremony and got their hands dirty positioning paving slabs. Their enthusiasm shone through, especially when Prince Harry delivered a speech to encourage others to take part in community volunteering.

The Royals’ desire to make a difference shone through in their good-natured ribbing about their work, and although many jobs can be tackled by people new to DIY, some bigger ones, such as floor sanding in Liverpool, Cheshire and other areas near to Manchester, need the help of a professional.

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