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The rich are abandoning antique Persian rugs

The rich used to spend thousands of pounds on antiques Persian rugs, but because there are so many fake rugs around, they are abandoning Persian rugs in favour of other expensive floor coverings.

Antique Persian rugs are hand-knotted from silk and take years to make. This made them a top choice for rich people wanting the best for their expensive homes. In the United States, a number of rugs sold as genuine antique Persian rugs were found to be fake. Antique auctioneers Sotheby’s closed their American rug department after it found that demand dropped.

For rich people wanting an alternative luxury floor covering, they can install the world’s most expensive floor tiles, the diamond inlaid marble. The LuxTouch tiles cost around $1 million per square metre. Each tile is inlaid with 95 diamonds and features mother of pearl and abalone shell. The diamonds are slightly raised so can be felt by the foot. The manufacturers, Perra Firms say that they will only produce five sets of these limited-edition tiles, but it is not clear if they have any left.

For smaller budgets, but still in the upper price brackets, there are exotic hardwood floors. These are expensive because of scarcity. Clearance from the government must be granted in order to fell rare trees for hardwood flooring, and only a small number of exotic hardwood trees are felled each year.

There are many high-quality floor coverings available for less than £20 per square metre, so you don’t have to be rich to install solid flooring in your Cheshire home.

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