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Research suggests floor cleaning could help keep you slim

According to recent research, chemicals found in everyday products could interfere with hormones and this may cause obesity. It found that cleaning floors regularly could remove harmful chemicals that are making us obese.

Research presented at the 2018 European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting highlighted that avoiding common chemicals could reduce the chances of being obese. Obesity affects millions of people including young children. It can lead to health complications and even death.

The research looked at how some chemicals interfere with how the body stores and processes fat. These are known as ‘obesogens’ which can promote fat accumulation. They can be found in many everyday products including plastics, pesticides, flame retardant coatings, kitchen utensils, artificial sweeteners and house dust.

The researchers admit that they have not yet found unequivocal evidence for how obesogens cause obesity but still recommend an obesogen-free lifestyle.

The researchers recommend buying organic fruit and vegetables that have not been treated by pesticides. Shoes should be removed when coming inside and walking on floors. Regular vacuuming with high-efficiency filters helps. Natural cleaning products are available as alternatives to chemical-based ones.

If possible, choose floor coverings other than carpets. There are many solid wood, laminate and vinyl floor coverings available that are easy to maintain and keep clean. If rooms do have carpets, then regular professional carpet cleaning will remove any harmful chemicals.

This research is yet another good reason for keeping your solid flooring in your Wirral home or workplace clean to make them dust and chemical free.

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