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Research reveals benefits of going shoeless

Not wearing shoes indoors can help keep carpets clean. Children in northern Europe regularly take off their shoes before entering school to stop snow and slush being bought in.

New research by Bournemouth University has discovered

that children who do not wear shoes at school obtain better grades. Stephen Heppell, the lead researcher in the study, said the reason for this was because shoeless children feel more relaxed when learning. Children will often sit on the floor to read rather than sit in an upright chair.

Children without shoes feel more at home in school and will often arrive early and leave later. The school benefits because shoeless schools find that their cleaning bills decrease by 27 per cent. They also need to spend less money on furniture. With children preferring to sit on the floor, a chair and table is not needed for every child.

Many adults are shoeless in their homes. Whilst this may not make them smarter, it does result in less toxic chemicals being transferred into the home from their shoes. Less dirt bought into the house from outside also means that floors need cleaning less.

Another benefit to not wearing shoes is that it is healthier for the feet. According to podiatrist Tracy Byrne, walking barefoot:

“Develops the muscles and ligaments of the foot, increases the strength of the foot’s arch, and contributes to good posture.”

Regular professional carpet cleaning in your North Wales home is recommended. Going shoeless will help keep it clean.

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