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Research highlights the dangers of uneven floors

York Council recently commissioned a report by the Building Research Establishment into safety in the home, and one of the major risks the research drew attention to was uneven floors.

Children and old people are particularly vulnerable to being hurt from falling due to hazards in the home, with the often cited ‘slips, trips and falls’ remaining a major cause of household injury.

The study has prompted York Council to raise awareness of how important quality accommodation is to residents’ health. A new pilot scheme by York Council and health and safety experts is offering free home safety checks for residents.

Councillor Sam Lisle said:

“I hope this pilot helps improve residents’ awareness of what can be done to lower their risk of falling while improving their homes and quality of life.”

Uneven or poorly maintained floors are also a danger at work. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says that slips and trips account for a high proportion of work injuries. In the food and drink industry, they make up 35% of all accidents that either result in a broken bone or require hospitalisation.

The HSE urge business to make sure that all floors have nonslip properties. Floors that can be subject to water contamination need to have a minimum of 20 microns of roughness, rising to 70 microns for cooking oils. They recommend eliminating all slopes, holes and uneven surfaces.

Uneven floor surfaces in your Cheshire home or workplace are a danger, so floor sanding or new solid flooring is recommended. Cheshire residents and workers are lucky enough to be based in a beautiful county, but must not neglect their own safety.

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