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Report predicts growth in demand for flooring

A recent report from Verdict has suggested that there will be an increase in the British demand for flooring over the next four years.

The market research firm is independent and it has forecast a rise in need for various floor coverings of about 15 per cent by 2019. Verdict has contended that increasing financial confidence will fuel demand, but the durable nature of flooring will help to limit it.

In addition, Verdict has argued that the kitchen floors of the nation will receive a disproportionate share of attention. It is believed by the researchers that the kitchen is increasingly becoming the primary hub of domestic activity.

Diverse floor coverings are used in kitchens, so the trend projected by Verdict could lead to extra floor sanding in Liverpool.

The retail data experts underlined how online activity relating to floors is likely to build further. However, some conventional retailers are embracing the online challenge.

For example, IKEA seems to be pursuing a ‘twin track’ approach. It has seen rises in footfall and sales in its stores during the course of 2014. At the same time, the British online sales of IKEA rose significantly in the first part of the year. It has been reported that about a tenth of the sales of IKEA within the UK are now made online.

Gillian Drakeford, the manager for IKEA in the UK, has said:

“Customers are visiting the store and using the layouts to get ideas but perhaps going home and placing the order online. Going online is not killing the stores – it makes us more accessible, which grows the brand.”

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