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Renewed drive to reduce carpet waste

Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) has been striving to reduce carpet waste across the country by pioneering a programme to recycle such products responsibly. It continues to promote its services within the commercial sector, and is appearing at the National Flooring Show on May 13th and 14th to further add momentum to the project.

The non-profit prompts companies responsible for replacing carpets with other products, such as solid or laminate flooring, from Wirral to Woking, to consider more carefully what is happening with the carpet that was previously there. It can also see consumers, and those electing to install such products themselves, utilising the recycling drive to further reduce waste.

CRUK is suggesting that companies can use the growing number of carpet waste processers in order to benefit both the environment, and their profit margins. The director of CRUK, Laurence Bird, went on to say that retailers can even enhance “customer perceptions” by showing their “green credentials”, and engaging with a programme that has such positive effects for the environment and the future of the industry.

The appetite for both environmental status, as well as customer appeal, appears to be gathering momentum, with CRUK having to adjust its original target of a 25% reduction in carpets going to landfill by 2015. Having achieved a rate of 27% by 2013, the project is now aiming for a 60% reduction by 2020.

Bird goes on to suggest that consumers are becoming “increasingly eco-conscious”, and so while programmes such as this continue to expand, it is hoped that the ambitious target can see more businesses signing up to this environmental initiative.

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