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How to remove scratches from Liverpool’s laminate floors

It’s easily done, but scratching the new laminate floor of your Liverpool home can be extremely frustrating.

With Liverpool folk known for their busy and active lifestyles, some degree of damage to flooring as they rush from one place to another is inevitable. To correct minor scratches, you can buy a laminate repair kit from any good DIY store. These come in various forms—such as putty, crayons, pencils and markers—so make sure you buy one that’s suitable for your particular floor.

Unfortunately, even with an exact colour match, no kit can fully replicate the grain of the pattern, so you may well still notice the repaired scratch, especially if it was a deep one. In these cases, you may prefer to replace the damaged plank with one of your leftovers from installation.

Unless the damaged plank is near the wall and can be easily unclicked, you will probably want to cut it out. This requires some moderate DIY skills and the right equipment, so you may prefer to find a professional in the Liverpool area with experience of repairing flooring.

If you prefer to do it yourself, consult your floor’s instructions for the manufacturer’s recommended method. This usually involves cutting through the centre of the damaged plank, taking care not to cut into the adjacent planks. You should then be able to remove the damaged plank without disturbing the rest of the floor.

Obviously it will not be possible to click the new plank into place, so the tongues typically need to be removed first. This means you’ll need to use a suitable glue to secure the new plank.

If you do everything right, or get a professional to help you, your floor should look flawless once more.

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