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Recycled plastics and walnut shells used in non slip flooring

Non slip flooring protects vulnerable people from slips and falls. Many manufacturers of this type of flooring are now using recycled plastics to make them more environmentally friendly.

Thermoset plastics are a category of plastic that doesn’t melt. It is used in a number of products, including non slip flooring. This type of plastic is produced by grinding industrial waste plastic into powders and granules, ranging from coarse to fine, depending on the application. It is used as an additive to laminate or vinyl flooring to provide non-skid or anti-slip properties.

Walnut shells are a natural material that is often thrown away after the walnuts have been extracted. When ground up, the shells can be mixed with standard paint, which, when applied, creates a non slip surface. This solution is ideal for wood surfaces, both indoors and outside, as it can be used for wooden stairs and decking.

To turn wooden floors into non slip flooring in Cheshire homes, don’t paint it with anti-slip paint, as this will change its colour. Anti-slip coating formulated for wood flooring is available. Coat the floor with two coats and allow to dry for about 10 hours. Unlike non slip paint, these coatings will not affect the natural wood colour.

All floors should be regularly cleaned, as debris and dust can create a slippery surface. Spilt liquids should be mopped up immediately. Further protection can be achieved by wearing non slip slippers instead of smooth-soled shoes, socks or high heels.

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