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Recycled flooring contributes to first WELL certified building in Europe

Consulting engineers Cundall has installed Bolon recycled flooring in its refurbished head office and as a result of this implementation, has become the first project in Europe to achieve the WELL certification.

The WELL certificate is a new standard which aims to improve employees’ well-being by certifying buildings that have been designed based on scientific research into how a building affects the physical and mental health of workers.

The WELL certificate considers several features of a building including, water, light, comfort and air quality. The WELL certificate programme puts the well-being of the buildings occupants at the heart of the design process.

Alan Fogartry of Cundall said:

“Many businesses are seeing WELL as providing a means of demonstrating the quality of office space to attract and retain good staff. At Cundall, we have taken the refurbishment of our own London office and used it as an exemplar project, not only for ourselves, but also for our clients and collaborators.”

Swedish company, Bolon provided the floor coverings for the Cundall offices. Bolon incorporates environmental principles into its floor coverings. It is committed to recycling, not using dangerous chemicals and manufacturing using renewable energy. The company started 60 years ago by recycling textile waste into rag rugs.

Businesses installing solid flooring in their Liverpool offices choose well designed and hard wearing floor coverings. When selecting floor coverings, it is also important to consider how to improve the well-being of worker. Choose coverings that decrease noise are anti-slip and comfortable to walk on.

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