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Questions to ask before buying wood flooring

Before you buy wood flooring for Cheshire rooms, experts from consumer organisation Which? suggest asking the following questions.

How do I know how much wood flooring to buy?

There is very little wastage on wood floor planks. An expert fitter should be able to keep waste to around 2%. To work out how much wood is needed, measure the room and round up to the nearest square metre. Wood flooring usually comes in two-metre packs, but you should buy an extra pack in case you have underestimated the amount.

Are click-lock or tongue-and-groove planks better?

Tongue-and-groove floor planks have a “tongue” that protrudes on one side to fit the “groove” on the other plank. The tongue is inserted in the groove and then knocked to secure it in place. Planks can also be glued so that they fit firmly.

Click-lock flooring simply clicks to fasten to another plank. They are generally easier to fit and don’t need gluing.

Use a professional fitter and take their advice on what type of planks to buy for your home.

What is the best finish?

Wood comes oiled, unfinished or lacquered. Oil provides a more natural finish, whilst lacquer adds a shine and protects the wood.

There are a variety of wood shades, from light to dark. The best type of wood and finish ultimately depends on personal taste. Try samples in the room to see how they look, and check them in a variety of light conditions, from bright sunlight to dark nights, to select your ideal wood floor.

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