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Quality not cheap laminates the preference of British homeowners

A poll of 2,000 British homeowners by retail store Dunelm has revealed a list of the most loathed decor trends. Cheap laminate flooring was listed by 21% of respondents, behind wood chip wallpaper at 32%.

It is significant that respondents in the survey deliberately said ‘cheap’ laminates rather than all laminate flooring. Homeowners that do not have laminate flooring are perhaps influenced by the cheap laminate floor coverings of the past, but good quality modern laminate floors are completely different and are much more durable. Modern printing technology creates wood gain patterns that look very realistic, meaning laminate flooring is a great alternative to wood floors at a much lower price.

Around 85% of respondents said that home décor reflects the personality of the residents. People that like quality laminate flooring love the natural look of wood grain. They also care about environmental issues, as modern laminates are environmentally friendly. Many laminates contain recycled materials and laminate planks can be recycled at the end of their life. Laminate planks can be fitted together without glue and this eliminates harmful VOCs (volatile organic compound) found in many adhesives.

About 20% of people report that they feel ill in a room that has bad décor. You will feel well if you choose good quality laminate flooring for Wirral rooms. If you want hardwearing, easy to maintain floors that look like wood without the high cost of solid hardwood, choose premium quality laminates, not very cheap ones.

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