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Preparations begin for summer woodland show

Plans for a woodland show in Hampshire are underway, and the event should raise the profile of sustainable timber in the UK.

Terena Plowright, an environmentalist, is ready to take on the Hampshire Wood Fair. She has explained that she is already searching for projects that will display the value of wood in the everyday life of people.

Although the event in question is to be held as part of a show taking place in the South Downs, it could well have implications for places elsewhere in the country. For example, if people from Chester attend, they may be tempted to use woodblock flooring in Cheshire to make their homes more attractive.

Plowright has told the Portsmouth News:

“The woodlands across the South Downs are part of the landscape seen from the outskirts of Portsmouth and are a place many Portsmouth residents use to relax in the countryside. What we don’t see is the management of these woods and the products that then enter our towns and cities to support our daily lives.”

She has explained that she wants to create a major educational experience to focus on the issue of sustainability. However, she will also concentrate on the versatility of wood, and has discussed the role of timber in construction, tools and furniture.

Plowright has indicated that the fair has required another launch. This may well be in part because the event has not always been held in the same place in the past.

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