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Plank carpeting range launched

Most homes and offices regularly turned to carpets for their flooring needs, but with developments in solid flooring, fewer locations are carpeting their rooms.

One carpet manufacturer, Heckmondwike has launched a new range of plank carpets. These are like carpet tiles but at 100 x 25cm, they are similar in size to laminate and wood flooring planks. The planks are only available for commercial use, but may eventually be on sale for use in the home.

Designers are using different coloured carpet planks on floors to create innovative patterns. There are 42 colour shades available and several subtle linear patterns. Robert Mortimer, Heckmondwike’s sales manager said:

“Planks open up huge design opportunities as they can be used alongside tiles, sheet or other types of flooring. The overall effect is stunning, creating contemporary, vibrant interiors.”

The plank look is a popular trend, with vinyl plank tiles available in several shades and finishes to create attractive floor designs. The plank look can be simulated with carpet tiles, but carpet planks look better.

As well as being able to create colourful patterns, the planks feature slip resistance and have insulating properties. In a similar way to carpet tiles, planks in high footfall areas that become worn can easily be replaced. Although any carpeting can trap dirt and dust, regular vacuuming and occasional professional carpet cleaning will keep the carpet clean.

If you want the plank look when installing solid flooring in your Cheshire home or office, many plank options are available in several flooring materials.

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