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Pantone announces colour of the year

Every year Pantone, an international authority on colour, announces its colour of the year. For 2018, the colour awarded this accolade is ultra violet. This is not an obvious colour choice for floor coverings, but you can buy reclaimed wood flooring stained ultra violet.

Pantone is the developer of a colour matching system used by designers to make sure that their colours are consistent across all media. Each colour is given a number to make it easy to match. The colour of the year, ultra violet is 18-3838. Pantone says that:

“[Ultra violet] communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”.

It says that historically ultra violet is associated with mystical and spiritual qualities and is often connected with mindfulness practices for people seeking a refuge from a world with too much stimulation. Even if you do not believe that the colour communicates this deep message, you may be attracted to the vibrancy of ultra violet.

Pioneer Millworks in the USA has launched reclaimed wood flooring that is stained ultra violet which is part of a range that it describes as “modern and fashion forward tones and textures.”

Whilst most people installing hardwood flooring in Wirral homes will choose natural coloured wood, there are several coloured stained wood flooring available for a more vibrant look. Ultra violet may not turn out to be 2018’s favourite floor colour, but Pioneer Millworks believes that interior designers should be able to “dream big” and be bold in their colour choices.

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