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Pale wood floors create sense of space

A London property is currently one of the tiniest homes on the housing market. It extends only 13 feet back, but has been described as like Doctor Who’s Tardis, as inside it seems a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. This sense of space has been achieved by several tricks, including pale wood floors.

The flat is located at Thurloe Square, in the Kensington and Chelsea district of London, and it is on sale for £800,000. To make the inside look spacious, there are clean white walls, bay windows that let in lots of natural light and pale wooden flooring. The flat has a shower room, a dining room and two double bedrooms and a small garden.

The home is located in a very desirable position, opposite a park and near South Kensington Tube Station, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The average price of properties in the area is £4.4 million, making the flat reasonably priced at £800,000.

Wood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes is popular for its natural beauty and environmentally friendly qualities. For smaller properties, people can choose light oak wood flooring, rather than dark wood, to make rooms feel more spacious. Decorate with bright, light colours and make sure that there is plenty of natural light. Rooms should not be overcrowded with furniture.

These tricks may not turn a home into a Tardis, but they can make a space appear larger than it is.

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