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Painted wood floor ideas to brighten any room

Painting wood floors in Cheshire and Wirral properties can brighten up interior spaces and makes a great alternative to the natural look of the wood grain.

Penny Swift, a writer for Zen Soundproof, praises the benefits of painting wood floors:

‘If you or anybody in your family is allergic to house dust, painted floors could be the answer. Even if the surface covering doesn’t last as long as carpets, it’s going to cost less, may well look more attractive, and will be a lot cheaper to replace.’

You can still see the distinctive wood grains on a painted floor. There are a number of ways to paint a floor. Harlequin style is a classic diagonal diamond pattern. Choose two contrasting colours for maximum impact. Stripes add depth and space to a small room. Try painting the floor in a bright colour that contrasts with the wall hue for a bright cheerful feel.

If you like intricate patterns, floor stencils are an easy way to create detailed traditional patterns. To make the floor look bright and roomy, paint the floor white and use light coloured wood furniture. Make a bold statement with zig-zag black and white lines.

You need durable paint for wood flooring, especially in high footfall areas. Avoid water-based, or latex paints. Use heavy-duty paint specifically formulated for wood floors.

If you want one solid floor colour, an alternative to paint is to use a colour wood varnish to lighten or darken the shade.

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