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Opulent floors predicted to be one of 2020’s hot trends

Ideal Home magazine has reported on the top three décor trends for 2020, and at number three is what it calls ‘opulent’ floors.

These trends are based on what people are currently increasingly searching for on floor retailers’ websites.

At number one is the colour blue for woodwork and walls. Seasonal decorating is number two, which means choosing seasonal colours when decorating, pink for spring, and darker colours for autumn and winter. Yellow is the colour very popular in summer. These colours are either painted on walls or via new wallpaper technology which has been developed to stick the paper on walls without paste and a pasting table.

The third trend predicted for 2020 is opulent or luxury floors. Flooring retailers report that the term ‘luxury flooring’ is increasingly being typed into the search bars of their websites. Traditional opulent floors are solid wood, top quality LVT and high grade laminates. The colour trend for floors is dramatic dark colours. Some homes are even installing black floor coverings or staining their existing floors with dark colours for a striking effect.

When installing new wood or laminate flooring in Cheshire rooms, there is a wide range of natural wood looks available, from light to dark. Wood floors last a long time, so it is economical to remove the floor and replace it with a more trendy coloured floor, but wood floors can be sanded and treated with coloured floor varnish to change their colour.

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