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Oldham school installs flooring with sun protection

A school in Greater Manchester needed a new floor that would not deteriorate under strong sunlight.

Radclyffe School in Oldham, Greater Manchester has a large clear Perspex roof over an atrium area that enjoys lots of natural light. This was an issue when it came to installing a new floor in the 880 square metre area.

A lot of floor coverings are designed for normal indoor use where there is a limited amount of natural light. However, the school floor has lots of natural light all day, which could result in some floor coverings fading over time.

Furthermore, hundreds of children walk on the atrium floor each day, so any floor covering also needed to be hard wearing as well as being able to withstand natural light. As the school has budget constraints, this meant that it could not afford expensive floor coverings.

The solution that the floor installer came up with was to use a multi-coat resin that featured decorative flakes. A clear seal top coat protects the flooring from strong UV rays from the sun and the floor is hard wearing, slip resistant and easy to clean.

Solid flooring in a Cheshire home or business can look faded if a lot of sunlight falls on it. When installing solid flooring in an area that receives a lot of natural light, you may consider applying a coat of UV protection seal that can withstand strong sunlight. Even in Cheshire’s dark and damp climate, there is enough sunlight during the year to pose a problem for some floors.

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