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Non slip flooring recommended for home gyms

During the Covid-19 lockdown, people have been unable to go to the gym, which is why many households have set up their own home gyms. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that home gyms have non slip flooring.

If a small area of the living room is dedicated to exercise, a non-slip mat is sufficient to both protect the floor and the people exercising on it. If converting a larger room to a home gym, consider installing a non slip floor surface. Exercising on a slippery floor can result in injury, and equipment such as rowing and running machines need to stay in place and not slide around the floor.

For non slip flooring in the Cheshire and Wirral areas, use a professional flooring supplier and fitter. You can purchase specialised gym rubber flooring, but this is expensive. Slip-resistant vinyl or laminate flooring is suitable for home gyms. Water-resistant flooring has the benefit of protecting the floor if drinking water is spilt, though standard flooring is suitable, provided spills are cleaned up promptly.

An alternative to converting a room in the home is to erect a garden outbuilding or use the garage as a gym. Make sure that non-slip flooring is used, especially for a garage floor if there are oil spills present.

As lockdowns are being lifted, gyms will open again, but if you have a well-equipped home gym with non slip flooring, you may want to save yourself the expense of a gym membership.

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