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Non slip flooring advised for wheelchair users

An important consideration for residential property architects is making homes accessible and comfortable for wheelchair users. They are now being encouraged to use non slip flooring to do so.

Lilly Cao, writing for Arch Daily, says:

“Because guaranteeing the comfort of all users, including disabled users, is one of the most essential obligations of all architects, designing for wheelchair users must be done with utmost the attention and care, especially in residential environments.”

The first consideration for architects is to design buildings that have enough space for wheelchairs to move and turn, especially when designing structural features that cannot be changed after construction. Ramps are also essential requirements.

The worst floor coverings for wheelchair users are cushioned floors, such as soft high pile wool carpets. If carpets are used, those with piles a half-inch or less can be used, as long as they are fastened down well.

Floors need to be stable, firm and strong so that they are not damaged by a heavy wheelchair. Cao recommends solid or engineered wood flooring. Distressed or hand-scraped wood planks increase the friction on the chair wheels to make them easier to move without slipping. Less expensive options are vinyl or laminate tiles. Unlike wood, the tiles cannot be refinished, but can be replaced if worn.

Non slip flooring in Cheshire homes is common for bathrooms, but for residents with wheelchairs, all floor spaces need to be covered with non slip flooring, as this makes it easier to use wheelchairs for extended periods.

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