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Nine reasons Cheshire homes love hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring not only looks good in Cheshire rooms, but it is also very hard-wearing and practical, yet these aren’t the only reasons hardwood flooring is so popular here.

There are many areas of outstanding natural beauty in Cheshire, including Delamere Forest, Lyme Park and Teggs Nose Country Park in Macclesfield. What these beauty spots have in common are magnificent trees, many of which have been here for a very long time. Cheshire residents’ love of wood’s natural beauty extends to home and business premises, which is why many rooms in the region feature beautiful wood floors. There are at least nine reasons to choose hardwood flooring:

1. Straight-forward installation

Quality hardwood floors are milled so that each plank is uniform and stable. They are straightforward to install by an expert fitter.

2. Easy to maintain

Hardwood floors are easy to clean and do not accumulate dust, dirt and debris if cleaned at least once a week. They can be easily and quickly vacuumed. If they get wet, they should be mopped to keep dry.

3. Looks good

Although laminates do a good job of looking like wood, nothing beats the look of real wood. They have a luxury aesthetic and are beautiful to look at. They are a natural material designed by nature.

4. Durable

Wood floors are highly durable and will last a long time. If they become worn, they can be easily be restored to a like-new condition by sanding and re-polishing. They can withstand heavy footfalls in commercial premises, as they are tough and hard-wearing.

5. Add value to a property

Installing solid wood flooring adds value to a property. The money spent installing hardwood flooring can be recovered when a home is sold. Hardwood floors can make property more attractive to potential buyers and can make the property easier to sell.

Wood may be more expensive than some other floor coverings but can work out cheaper in the long run because wood floors last longer.

Engineered wood is a less expensive alternative to hardwood flooring if solid wood is outside your budget

6. Wide choice

There is a wide variety of hardwood flooring with many types of wood, colours and stains available. There is plenty of choice so plenty of hardwood floors to suit your taste and the room style.

7. Improves acoustics

A well-fitted hardwood floor provides good room acoustics without hollow sounds or vibrations.

8. Healthy air quality

Wood is a natural material that does not have grout lines or embossing that traps dust, pollen or particles that can negatively affect allergy sufferers. Wood is also a natural material that does not harm health.

9. Timeless

A hardwood floor is almost timeless. Long after other floors look worn and tired, wood floors will continue to look great. Unlike other floor coverings, if the wood looks worn it can be sanded to restore the floor to a like-new condition.

To find out how wood floors will look in your property, ask your floor installer for samples that you can place in your rooms to get a feel of how the natural luxury of wood will suit your home or business premises.

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