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Wood floors welcomed by homebuyers

A recent survey asked potential homebuyers about the features they did and didn’t want in a home. The results found that wood flooring is a popular and (more…)

Handcrafted engineered wood flooring released

Engineered wood is typically made in a factory by machines, but handcrafted engineered wood is now available to add a touch of (more…)

Homeowners using mobile apps to design floors

Mobile phone apps are increasingly being used by homeowners to test (more…)

Pub’s wooden floor dining pods are a hit

The Plough, a pub near Sevenoaks, has created a new dining concept to attract diners – pods with (more…)

Woman praised on social media for laminate flooring wall

A woman named Tracy Lewis glued strips of laminate flooring to her living room wall and received (more…)

Designers and architects designing wood kitchens

Many architects and designers are featuring wood floors and furniture in the kitchens of the (more…)

Flooring expert compares Karndean to laminate

Jeff White, a flooring expert who writes for the website, has compared laminate flooring to Karndean. Though both have merits, he recommends Karndean as the (more…)

High demand for wood flooring driven by green concerns

A new report has predicted that by 2024, worldwide consumption of wood flooring will rise to 16.2 billion square feet, and much of this growth will be from people seeking a more environmentally friendly (more…)

Danish interior design trends on Pinterest

Pinterest users are known for their love of interior design ideas, and room designs influenced by Danish interiors are proving especially popular in 2020. (more…)

Are wood floor properties unsuitable for fire risk areas?

Developments in engineered wood have seen this material increasingly used in new homes and commercial buildings, but (more…)

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