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Laminate flooring recommended for pet owners

People with pets are often concerned with preventing damage to their floors caused by their furry friends. According to Essex Magazine, the best pet-friendly flooring is (more…)

What are the advantages of sanding your wooden floors?

If your wood floor is starting to look a little rough around the edges, you might be considering sanding them down, and whether it’s worth the cost and inconvenience. There are multiple benefits to sanding hardwood floors, making it one of the easiest improvements that can make a dramatic change when it comes to (more…)

Where should you install non-slip flooring?

Heavy-duty safety flooring made from vinyl has been designed specifically to provide a non-slip flooring solution. Vinyl flooring is available with an extra wear layer that makes it exceptionally durable, and by design, it’s entirely resistant to moisture. For added safety, this kind of floor covering is often (more…)

Why you shouldn’t throw away sawdust

When wood flooring becomes worn or marked, it can be restored to a near-new condition by sanding and refinishing the floor with a wood protection solution. This creates a lot of sawdust, which many people throw away. However, Donna Boyle Schwartz, writing for the website, says that there are (more…)

Electricity generated from wood flooring could light buildings

Researchers have found a new method of generating electricity from wood flooring that could be used to power a (more…)

Non slip flooring recommended for home gyms

During the Covid-19 lockdown, people have been unable to go to the gym, which is why many households have set up their own home gyms. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that home gyms have (more…)

Wood flooring and eco design on the rise

Many people are now realising that many industrial practices are harming the planet, and this is leading to a rise in popularity of eco design and (more…)

Are timber floors suited to underfloor heating?

Whether you’ve had a water-based or electric underfloor heating system fitted on your property or you’re planning to add one, you may be wondering if it’s an option that suits hardwood floors. Partnering the warm look and feel of natural timber with the real heat from a system beneath your floor might seem like a (more…)

Why you should acclimatise your new flooring

Every home and commercial building has its own humidity level, which can affect wood, vinyl and laminate flooring. Ideally, before installing, flooring should be (more…)

What is Karndean flooring?

When choosing a floor for your home or office, you’ll find there are many options available to choose from. Hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl tiles and laminate are all potential solutions that come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. For many property owners, the look of real wood floors can be attractive, but these coverings can (more…)

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