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Interior designers identify flooring trends to avoid

A recent report from Insider asked interior designers about the home decor trends they advise (more…)

What health benefits can professional carpet cleaning offer?

Most homeowners vacuum their carpets on a regular basis, but for many, the job is simply one part of their household chores (more…)

New flooring helps couple add £25,000 to value of home

During lockdown, Laura Piner and her partner Adam spent £7,000 renovating their home in Preston, Lancashire. Their efforts added £25,000 to the (more…)

Luxury butcher shop features polished wood floors

Farmison & Co, the online butcher, has opened its first shop in Ripon, North Yorkshire. The founder of Farmison and its CEO, John Pallagi, wanted to make a visit to the butcher a luxury experience, and the installation of polished wooden floors has contributed (more…)

Questions to ask before buying wood flooring

Before you buy wood flooring for Cheshire rooms, experts from consumer organisation Which? suggest asking the (more…)

Flooring named key consideration of home gyms

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, gyms were closed, and this prompted many households to convert a space in their homes into gyms. A key consideration of home gyms is (more…)

Wood floors and white walls showcase art

Architecture website Dezeen has rounded up interiors from its archives that were designed to showcase their owners’ art collections. Each design is classed as minimal, with white walls, and many of the homes feature natural wood floors, which help to highlight the (more…)

What to do if you find hardwood floors in your home

Many old homes have carpets or vinyl flooring. New owners of these homes may not always realise what lies under their floor coverings, and many are surprised to find hardwood flooring when they lift up the (more…)

Expert reveals best ways to look after wood flooring

Flooring expert Marc Husband has shared his top tips for keeping wood floors (more…)

Environment Agency says contract flooring contracts must be circular

The Environment Agency is committed to the government’s target of the UK achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030. As part of this approach, the agency has imposed waste reduction and recycling conditions on all its supplier agreements. Contracts for flooring insist on a (more…)

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