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New vacuum cleaner identifies floor type whilst cleaning

A new vacuum cleaner from Dyson can tell what type of floor it is cleaning and adjust its motor speed accordingly.

Many vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning both carpets and solid floors including wood floors. They usually have to be adjusted by hand when moving from a carpet to a solid floor. Dyson has invented a vacuum cleaner, the new handheld V11, that measures the amount of torque from the floor and can tell if it is cleaning a carpet, thick rug or a solid wood floor.

It automatically increases its motor speed for rugs and carpets because fibres need more power to suck up the dirt. The vacuum is battery powered and lasts around an hour before needing charging.

Although dirt from wood floors can be removed using a brush, a vacuum is more efficient as it can remove dirt that gets trapped in cracks. Dyson says that its new V11 model is 20% more powerful than its predecessor, the V10, so should have no trouble cleaning most solid wood floors.

People install wood flooring in their Wirral homes and businesses because it can look good and it is easy to maintain. Powerful vacuum cleaners like the Dyson V11, make wood easy to clean. This is especially important for commercial floors as businesses need to have floors that are quick and easy to maintain. If solid wood floors are cleaned regularly, they should last for 75 years or more.

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