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New trend for laminate flooring on walls

A new home décor trend has been identified by The Sun website – people are wanting the look of wood panels without the cost, and so they have been fixing laminate flooring planks to their walls.

Fixing laminate flooring planks to walls is not without controversy. When the Facebook group “DIY On A Budget UK” asked members to post pictures of laminate flooring walls, some members mocked the trend, whilst others were in favour and said the wall transformations looked amazing.

One woman rebuked the critics by saying that people have the right to add anything to their own homes, and that they are only limited by their imagination. She even suggested carpeting walls and wallpapering a fridge, saying homeowners can do whatever makes them happy.

Some members who had been against the idea before they had seen the images commented that they had changed their minds after they saw the results of adding laminate to walls.

Many of the rooms showcased did not cover all the walls with laminate flooring – they were more restrained by having a laminate feature wall, or simply a fire surround made from laminate flooring. Some members mixed laminates to create a multi-colour wood pattern.

Laminate flooring is popular in Wirral and Cheshire homes for those who want the natural look of wood without the cost of solid wood or engineered wood flooring. However, most homeowners stick to using laminate on their floors and are not tempted to cover their walls with flooring.

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