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New trend features wood in bathrooms

A recent survey has found that wood in bathrooms is becoming a new trend, moving away from the traditional white, ceramic bathroom.

The renovation and design website Houzz’s annual bathroom survey found that 45% of respondents viewed the bathroom as a place to relax in. When renovating a bathroom, they want to get away from it being just a white functional space.

Mary Mckee, an architectural designer creates home bathrooms that are more like spas, an escape from everyday life. To achieve this, she uses teak elements on the vanity unit with teak shelves to house bathroom items. She says that wood warms up bathrooms that otherwise could look hard and cold. She says:

“People are drawn to its warmth. You see a lot of natural wood at spa retreats.”

Solid wood flooring is not recommended for bathrooms as wood can warp with excess moisture. To extend the wood look to the floor, water resistant grade laminate flooring can be installed. Modern printing technology produces laminate flooring that has a realistic natural wood look.

Another designer that favours wood is Annie Hall, who uses white oak on vanity units and bath walls. She says that this is reminiscent of Scandinavian saunas.

Scandinavia and Japan have been using wood in bathrooms for a long time. The only wood feature in many British homes is a wooden toilet seat, but wood added to other bathroom furniture and laminate flooring in Cheshire homes will turn a bathroom into a soothing place to spend more time relaxing in.

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