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New treatments transform wood flooring

New Digital Nano Staining Technology (DNST) and protective solutions are changing how wood flooring looks and performs.

People choose wood flooring for their Cheshire homes because it is a natural product that looks attractive. Wood flooring is available in a range of wood types, from light oaks to darker woods. Many people prefer grey floors for rooms with contemporary decor. As grey is not a natural wood colour, the wooden planks are stained, taking care to not obscure the natural wood grain look.

DNST is being used by some manufacturers to change the colour of the wood floor. This technology can also add patterns and textures to the wood by using a 3D staining process that goes deep into the wood’s surface. This makes the wood look less natural, but creates unique-looking floors that add visual impact to a contemporary-style room.

In addition, DNST does not compromise the sustainability of wood, as it uses carbon-free, water-based mineral stains.

Most wood floors are coated with a protective solution that helps prevent scratches and wear. New types of surface sealing solutions also add extra hygiene protection by providing a permanent antimicrobial effect that resists fungi, bacteria and germs. Floors still need to be regularly cleaned to make sure that no viruses or other harmful substances remain on the floor, however.

Well-maintained wood flooring will retain its colour and appearance for a long time. When worn, a floor can be restored to near-new condition by having it sanded.

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