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New testing guide published for cross-laminated timber

Materials development company Lucideon has published new testing guidelines for cross-laminated timber panel manufacturers. Following the testing guidelines, manufacturers need to make sure that their cross-laminated timber products are the correct specification for their intended use.

Cross-laminated timber is made from layers of sawn timber bonded together. It is a treated engineered wood that has many uses in buildings. Walls, floors, and roofs can be made with cross-laminated timber. Floor coverings made with cross-laminated timber are durable and easy to maintain.

The testing guidelines cover thermal performance, durability, acoustic properties and water resistance. The guide’s author Joanne Booth said:

“The guide is designed to help manufacturers launch new products into the market by detailing test requirements to understand the structural integrity and physical performance of both panels and the full composite system.”

The guide is especially useful for offsite construction systems where modules are made offsite then constructed on site. Material manufacturers, using the guidelines, can calculate the maximum span and load characteristics of modular cross-laminate timber panels.

Businesses that install cross-laminated floor coverings that conform to the guidelines can be assured that their floors will withstand the expected footfall and equipment load, and should last a long time. Cross-laminated floor coverings are not the cheapest, but their durability and easy maintenance mean that they are cost effective.

Cross-laminated flooring is a good choice when installing solid flooring in Wirral workplaces. They look attractive and are a practical floor covering for busy areas.

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