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New technology is solution to flooring crisis

According to a report by European Coatings, there is a crisis in the flooring industry caused by a shortage of raw materials and environmental issues. New technology promises to be the solution to this crisis.

Of particular concern is the use of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), a resin that is applied to commercial floors to protect them from impact and make them hard wearing. The major advantage of MMA is that it dries in one to two hours. This means that there is a minimum disruption in the workplace when it is applied.

Some factories that produce the resin have closed because they could not meet environmental standards, and this has caused a shortage of the resin. Some MMA resins are combined with benzoyl peroxide (BPO) which has a strong odour and requires the areas treated to be well ventilated. Resins that contain BPO can taint food, so are not suitable for use in food manufacturing areas.

Floor manufacturers and installers have found an alternative new technology. Polyaspartic-based systems, like MMA, have fast curing properties, but they are not in short supply and do not need to be combined with BPO. They have a weak odour, so no ventilation is needed. They are non-toxic and suitable for food processing areas.

Floor covering manufacturers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and are developing technology to reduce carbon footprints and toxic waste. Businesses installing contract flooring in their North Wales workplace can choose floor coverings that are both strong and have the minimum environmental impact.

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