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New residential project combines old and new

A new residential project in Berlin designed by Jochen Klein, an architect and designer Daniel Libeskind is an example of how the old and new can be effectively combined.

The 43-luxury apartment block is in the Prenzlauer Berg district of the German capital and it mixes industrial materials and minimalist design with historic features. The 19th century building has original windows, barrel ceilings, door arches and steel girders which have been preserved. Klein said:

“What captured my imagination right from the start was the building’s factory-like appearance – its historic brick walls, and its amazing spaciousness. From this arose the vision of consistently juxtaposing the historic structures with modern architecture.”

Many of the apartments have oak parquet wood flooring and exposed brick supporting walls. Furniture and fittings are minimalist and modern looking to create a contrast between the old original features of the building and the new.

Berlin has a growing population and there is a severe shortage of new residential properties, which is why many older industrial buildings are being converted to residential use. Many new home buyers are looking for unique properties with character. As Klein says:

“This project will appeal to people looking for this special design and architecture.”

Many people who want solid wood flooring in their Wirral homes match parquet flooring with classic traditional furniture. What Jochen Klein and Daniel Libeskind show is that parquet flooring does not have to be paired with traditional looking furniture and fittings. The old and the new can fit comfortably together.

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