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New research reveals link between flooring and nurses’ health

The United States-based Center for Health Design studies the design of healthcare buildings and, in recent research, found that there is a relationship between the type of floor in a health centre and the health of nurses.

Flooring manufactures have developed products that fuse Polyfloor vinyl with recycled rubber backing to create a floor covering that is hard wearing, will absorb impacts and can reduce noise levels

Nurses working in areas with this type of flooring say that they feel better underfoot comfort and notice the reduced noise. There have been cases of nurses requesting transfers to hospital areas with better flooring.

Nurses working long shifts for many years often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders including foot and back problems. The right type of flooring can help prevent such conditions. Rubberised flooring can also benefit patients, as they can prevent injuries from falls.

Many architects and designers are moving away from the typical institution-style hospital rooms to installing warmer and more natural looking ergonomic flooring, both for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Of course, there’s no need to be in the healthcare sector to enjoy the benefits of rubberised and noise-reducing flooring. If you are installing solid flooring in your North Wales business, these floor coverings can be an excellent choice because they contribute to your employees’ wellness. Aside from boosting morale, this can have financial benefits too; flooring that takes into accounts employees’ wellness can reduce absenteeism, and surfaces that absorb impact can mean fewer claims for accident compensation.

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