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New report looks at trends in the world of flooring

Recent market research has identified worldwide commercial flooring trends.

Persistence Market Research has published a report called ‘Global Floor Coatings Market Drivers and Challenges’. At one time companies tended to install plain solid floors in their business premises. In the report, Persistence Market Research says that many companies now want their buildings to impress their clients. They are replacing plain floors with ones that feature decorative patterned floor coverings that are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

Businesses are also looking for floors that are long lasting and strong. Floors need to be low maintenance, and resist moisture damage and spills. To achieve this, companies do not necessarily buy the cheapest floor coverings, but they want their purchase to be cost effective over the long term.

Companies have safety concerns and make sure vulnerable areas such as stairways, ramps, walkways, and washrooms are covered in nonslip flooring materials.

The report also looks at the growth of new innovative materials, such as coatings that reflect the sun’s radiant heat in order to conserve heating energy. Fast-drying floor coatings have been developed for outside areas such as car parks that are affected by rain. In cold room areas, flooring can be installed that resists low temperatures.

Business installing solid flooring in the North Wales area (who will no doubt be especially interested in rain resistance!) can choose from a wide range of innovative floor coverings that are suitable for many different types of areas, from warehouses and factory floors to bathroom facilities and offices.

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