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New report alludes to changing attitude to the older worker

A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit has posited that over the next six years, we are set to see an increase in workers over the age of 60. Whilst employers may have to make more allowances for the older worker, the report indicates that by not doing so, they may be putting their future at risk.

The report goes on to suggest a few methods for embracing the over 60s. These vary from the implementation of flexible contracts to “inclusive” talent management – seeing the talent behind the age, rather than just the number.

BMW, according to the report, found that by adapting the assembly line, it was better able to suit their working environment to those over 60. Further to this, it made efforts to protect workers joints by installing wood flooring. Cheshire businesses, and indeed businesses up and down the country, are urged to consider simple fixes in order to best accommodate a changing workforce.

It is suggested that 13% of employers felt older workers were less productive, and that 24% avoided hiring them because they were concerned that they would take more time off sick. However, the report underlines that these needn’t be concerns, and uses the examples of several adaptations employers can make in order to eliminate the cause for their concern.

The report’s authors conclude by stating that in a country with an increasing life expectancy and a troubled economy, traditional models for retirement have become almost obsolete. The pressure may be on employers to make these adaptations in order to sustain an ageing workforce.

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