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New printing technologies create unique designed floors

Most homes and businesses choose the colour and pattern of their floor covering from the manufacturer’s range of styles, but what if you want a design that’s unique to you? New printing technologies are making it cost effective to print small runs of one off floor designs.

Fujifilm has developed the J Press 720S digital printing machine that prints designs on floor tiles. It is capable of printing 2,700 29.6” x 20.9” floor tiles per hour. Fujifilm claims that its digital printing technology is superior to traditional offset printing, with consistent colours and better quality printing.

The J Press 720S is economical for short runs, making it cost effective to have bespoke designs for small to large areas. Floor coverings can incorporate company brand images and colours.

Raymond Bellow of US flooring company Floor Productions said after seeing a demonstration of the J Press 720S:

“In my 47 years in printing, there’ve been a lot of changes, but the J Press by far has been the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.”

When installing laminate flooring in your North Wales home or business premises, there is a wide range of designs to choose from, but none will be unique. In the future, as UK floor manufacturers adopt digital printing technologies, it’s likely that graphic designers will be available to create original designs. This may make the overall cost of installing a unique designed floor more expensive, but many people will be prepared to pay extra for that touch of exclusivity.

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