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New partnership promotes sustainable timber use

Two firms involved in the use of sustainable timber have joined forces in a way that may encourage further innovation in the sector.

Kingspan Timber Solutions (KTS), which aims to use wood for structural purposes, has recently struck a deal with XLAM Dolomiti, which works on laminated products. The latter firm, which is located in Italy, is a part of a wider organisation that is reportedly supportive of the ethos of green construction.

The directors behind the Italian group say they are committed to the principle that the requirements of the construction sector can be met in a sustainable fashion. It may be that the project eventually influences the amount of sustainable wood flooring in the Wirral.

Ian Loughnane, who is employed as a unit director by KTS, has told Specification Online:

“Our companies share the same sustainability principles and forward-thinking approach. XLAM Dolomiti has a vast knowledge of forest management and producing high grade cross laminated timber in their modern manufacturing plant.”

Using the right type of laminated timber can help in the production of a building that does not have a large carbon footprint. It has been shown that the option can be delivered in a cost-effective fashion. Architects and developers are reportedly becoming more interested in using this type of material.

The increasing popularity of types of laminated timber is related to their adaptability. It has been observed that sustainable solutions of this nature can be applied to buildings with several floors. KTS is reportedly keen to communicate some of its new ideas online.

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