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New parquet flooring designs influenced by Le Corbusier

Inspired by the ideas of influential architect Le Corbusier, Paris studio Secret d’Atelier has created a range of lacquered parquet flooring based on the hues illustrated the architect’s book on colour theory.

Le Corbusier published his book ‘La Polychromie Architecturale’ in the 1930s to show how different colours affect moods. Secret d’Atelier has named their flooring range ‘La Polychromie Architecturale’ after the book’s title. Le Corbusier named 63 colours in his book, but the flooring range includes just 11 colours – natural, black, blue, red, green, orange, sienna and ivory, plus three shades of grey.

A spokesperson for Secret d’Atelier said:

“Secret d’Atelier is the only flooring company to be able to develop this remarkable colour palette. Our products are designed for both professionals and individuals who want to dress their floor with innovative, original and of impeccable quality flooring.”

Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect who died in 1965. He is regarded as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. He was passionate about the role that colour plays in architectural design. For example, pale colours convey warmth and light, whilst dark shades highlight or camouflage room elements.

Flooring based on Le Corbusier’s colours are bold, and not to everyone’s taste. The new flooring range does illustrate that when installing wooden flooring in your Cheshire home, you do not have to stick with natural wood shades. Wood flooring can be stained with many assorted colours to match your taste or mood.

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