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New laminate printing described as ‘quantum leap’

Belgium printing company Agfa has developed a new way of printing designs on laminate flooring which has been called a ‘quantum leap’ in laminate floor printing.

Agfa, in partnership with laminate flooring manufacturer UNILIN, has created a high-speed way to print on decor paper that is used for laminate flooring and furniture.

The new technology will be showcased at the InPrint exhibition in Munich in November in a presentation by Marc Graindourze called ‘A quantum leap in digital printing of laminate flooring & furniture’. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see samples of laminates printed by Agfa.

The system is a combination of coated primers by UNLIN and matched Agfa inkjet inks which are able to deliver vibrant colours with low ink consumption. Thus a digital printing process can be used for large or small batches of laminate flooring.

An advantage of the system is that when a design is being phased out, stock can be kept to a minimum and small batches printed quickly if there is still some demand for the design. When new flooring is being developed, changes to the printed designs can be easily modified at any time.

The business development manager of UNILIN, Jasmine Geerinckx, said that the new printing system can be integrated into the existing manufacturing processes of pressing, impregnation, milling and cutting.

Laminate flooring for Wirral rooms is a cheaper alternative to solid wood. Modern printing technology allows realistic looking wood grain patterns to be created. The Agfa/UNILIN partnership shows that laminate printing technology is evolving.

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