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New laminate flooring developed for indoor training

A new type of laminate flooring has been specifically developed for indoor training.

Quick-Step flooring in Belgium is a long-time sponsor of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step cycling team. The team often needs to train indoors and Quick-Step has used its flooring expertise to see how different flooring affects training. It trialled a number of laminate and vinyl floors which the cyclists and found that there were significant gains from some floor types.

By optimising the floor surface in the training area, micro-vibrations are reduced and this decreases noise and fatigue. Quick-Fit has developed a new form of laminate flooring especially for indoor training. It claims that cyclists finish workouts feeling fresher and with less muscle and joint fatigue.

The head of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team believes that the improved training surface will make a difference when the team competes in races such as the Tour de France.

During the coronavirus lockdown, many people are keeping fit by exercising indoors on exercise bikes. It may not be practical to replace the flooring at this time, but Quick-Step is making its new indoor training flooring available for home use.

It provides a non-slip surface for exercise bikes and other home gym equipment. Users should notice a decrease in vibrations and noise. Testers of the flooring reported that the time it takes for them to feel fatigued after exercise has increased by between 8% and 10%

Whether training for a specific event, just keeping fit, or wanting to change the look of your property, consider having laminate flooring installed in your Cheshire home.

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